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WES’s NETA Accreditation Ensures High-Quality Testing for Busy Electrical Company

Western Electrical Services, Inc. (WES) boasts 27 NETA-certified technicians on staff and has been a NETA-accredited company since 2011. But what exactly do these certifications mean for a customer?

“WES underwent a rigorous application process to ensure that, as a NETA-accredited company, we provide testing services to the highest standards of safety and reliability,” says Dan Hook, president of WES. “When you hire WES and use our NETA-certified technicians, you can expect the best quality.”

WES technicians earn certification in electrical power systems testing in accordance with the ANSI/NETA Electrical Testing Technician Standard. NETA offers four levels of certification, running from the apprentice level to 10 or more years of industry-related experience. Each certification also requires technicians to have a certain number of hours of electrical safety training.

“Technicians have to take a test at each level and meet those minimal requirements of experience and training,” Hook says. “If they fail, they have to wait a period of time before they can take it again because the test is designed to establish well-qualified individuals.”

In fact, NETA technicians’ work experience, education, and required ongoing training keep them current with new technologies and provide the knowledge to perform testing across a variety of power systems. Hiring a NETA-accredited company with NETA-certified technicians assures electrical customers that only the most qualified employees will be testing their highly complex systems.

Washington-based VECA Electric & Technologies regularly relies on WES’s NETA-certified technicians to test the commercial electrical systems it designs, installs, and services. “Our typical project specifications require us to use a NETA-accredited company,” says George Edwards, senior project manager – technical at VECA Electric & Technologies. “When you look at the short list of NETA-accredited contractors that can do a job such as the ones we do, WES’s field expertise, professionalism, and pricing make them the contractor of choice for the mission critical-work we do.”

The company also uses WES because “they provide excellent field service and are a great technological resource to have on-site,” Edwards says. “Their technicians are a part of the team and work hand in hand with the electricians to get the project done.”


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