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Custom Manufacturing

Our custom manufactured, reverse engineered, and remanufactured electrical contacts, parts, and components can save you thousands of dollars.

Don’t replace… remanufacture your contacts and other electrical parts to economically extend the life of your circuit breakers, tap changers, switchgear, motor control centers, DC controls, transformers, and substations.

We can also reverse engineer and manufacture replacement parts for those components that have been destroyed and can’t be remanufactured.

Need custom parts and components? Let our engineers work with you to meet your specific requirements.

We specialize in manufacturing and remanufacturing for:

  • Load tap changers
  • Air and Oil Circuit Breakers
  • Air and Oil Switches
  • Contacts
  • Motor Starters
  • DC Controls
  • Oil Breaker Contacts
  • Air Breaker Contacts

We custom manufacture:

  • Virtually all parts for obsolete circuit breakers and switchgear
  • Bus
  • Flexible braid connectors & foil flex connectors
  • Fiberboard & insulating products such as tap boards, insulation links, etc.

Whether your requirements are to remanufacture a group of contact assemblies, produce spares for obsolete equipment or simply to repair one part or contact, please contact us – we can help.