Repair, Upgrade, and Life Extension Services

Not only can we repair your circuit breaker contacts, switchgear, and other electrical equipment, we can upgrade and extend the life using modern technology.

Life extension services are custom designed for your obsolete or hard to maintain switchgear, motor controls, and circuit breakers. This can include raising interrupting capacity, increasing equipment reliability, and matching your existing switchgear lineup.

Our capabilities include:

  • Upgrade your low voltage circuit breakers with solid state trip units
  • Upgrade circuit breakers with vacuum interrupters to increase life in motor starting applications
  • Motor control centers can be upgraded to vacuum interrupters with a new cell structure and contactors.
  • Low voltage motor control buckets can be retrofitted with new components and a modern solid state overload protective device
  • Upgrade obsolete, low and medium voltage draw-out breaker cell assemblies by installing our retro-fill modules giving you new breaker and cell.
  • Upgrade your obsolete medium voltage circuit breakers with vacuum circuit breaker conversions with the same truck assembly
  • We can provide a matching switchgear lineup to add feeders to an obsolete substation
  • Circuit breaker coil rewinding
  • Control and metering transformers
  • AC-Pro Upgrades
  • MCC Bucket replacements parts
  • MCC Bucket direct replacement buckets
  • MCC Bucket direct replacement upgrade buckets