Renewal – Replacement Parts for Circuit Breakers, Switchgear & Other Electrical Equipment

Yes we have it! We have renewal parts from all manufacturers for all types of power distribution equipment including switchgear, power breaker replacement parts, shunt trip devices, motor control centers, and substations.

Western Electrical Services, Inc. can perform:

  • Acceptance testing on your new facility,
  • Test, maintain, repair and upgrade existing service aged equipment,
  • WES manufactures hard to find obsolete parts
  • Performing those OSHA/NFPA required studies such as Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, Load Monitoring for future expansion and other power system studies.

Now ask yourself why you would need more than 1 vendor for these services?

Western Electrical Services, Inc. One Stop Service Shop!

Circuit Breakers Parts

For replacement parts for molded case, insulated case, low voltage power, and medium voltage power circuit breakers. Charging handles, closing solenoids, contacts, springs, trip unit upgrades, vacuum interrupter assemblies, shunt trip devices, ground fault circuit interrupters, and more.

Switchgear Parts & Control Components

Switchgear Parts
We have inventory of many replacement parts for all types of metal clad switchgear from 480V – 38kV including load break switches, protective relays, instrument transformers, metering & more.

Control Components

We can supply components for all industrial controls. Items like pushbuttons, indicator lights, control switches, etc.

Motor Control Components

We have a wide range of replacement contactors, starters, buckets, pilot devices, & more in inventory to upgrade your aging MCCs.

Load Tap Changer Components

We specialize in manufacturing and remanufacturing Load Tap Changer contacts for:

  • Federal Pacific
  • GE
  • ITE
  • McGraw Edison LTC
  • Siemens
  • Waukesha
  • Westinghouse LTC

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