Dan Hook – 2018 NETA Award Winner

Dan Hook – 2018 NETA Award Winner2018-05-07T20:49:23+00:00
Another Round of Congratulations for this Year’s NETA Award Winners
Dan Hook accepts the award from NETA President Jim Cialdea.
2018 Outstanding Achievement Award Honoree: Dan Hook
NETA’s Outstanding Achievement Award is given in recognition of an individual’s commitment to NETA and leadership through service. One specific accomplishment highlighted by the award is the role Hook played in the recent restructuring of NETA’s certification exam.
“We were at a crossroads with the exam, and we needed a leader to guide us through NETA’s single largest project in the history of the association. Dan was that leader, and he did a fantastic job. We could not have completed the exam project without him, and everyone should be forever grateful for his efforts,” says Ron Widup, a member of NETA’s Board of Directors and CEO of Shermco Industries.
Bob Sheppard accepts the award from NETA President Jim Cialdea.
2018 Alliance Recognition Award Honoree: Bob Sheppard
The Alliance Recognition Award honors an individual who has been a dedicated supporter of NETA and also furthered the industry and inspired others. One of Sheppard’s particular accomplishments was the creation of the curriculum for the new NETA Electrical Power Testing Technician (EPTT) program.
“The greatest challenge we have in our space is a lack of qualified and experienced people. Sincere compliments and appreciation to Bob for doing something about it. He embraces the true spirit and purpose of the NETA organization,” says Dave Gibson, principal at Intellirent.
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