Do you need an Electrical Equipment Field Evaluation? Don’t pay for UL listing. We provide the same state certification as UL per the requirements of WAC 296-46B-999 but at one-third the cost!

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Engineering Services

While concurrently providing equipment repair and testing services, the need to provide engineering studies became apparent. The Engineering Services Division was formed to provide electrical power systems studies such as Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, Coordination & Short Circuit Studies, Power Quality and Load Studies and Forensic Analysis.  Our Engineering Division also provides internal support for our many engineering needs such as SEL relay change out projects, settings development for retrofitting, equipment rating surveys and many others.  With PE licenses in many of the Western United States, we can support nearly any project as it relates to electrical power services.

We can help you ensure the safe, reliable operation of your electrical system. Whether it be a coordination study for a facility expansion or, a subsequent need for an updated arc flash hazard analysis, our Professional Engineers can help you have confidence in the future safety and reliability of your facility.

  • Our Engineering Services include the following and more:

    • Power System Studies
      • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
      • Short Circuit Studies
      • Coordination Studies
    • Power System Monitoring
      • Load Monitoring
      • Power Quality Monitoring
    • Field Evaluations
      • Fault Analysis
      • Failure Analysis
    • Partial Discharge Testing
      • Switchgear and Cable Testing
      • Transient Earth Voltage (TEV) and Ultrasonic
      • No Interruption of service, testing performed while on line
    • Training
      • Breaker Training
      • 70E Training
    • Electrical Commissioning Services

WES Locations

Western Electrical Services, Inc. has five (5) locations serving the entire Western United States and Canada, as well as Alaska and Hawaii. Our corporate headquarters is located in Phoenix, AZ; our additional locations include Sumner, WA; Salt Lake City, UT; and Vancouver, WA.