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Remote Circuit Breaker Racking Systems & Remote Switch Operator – Actuators

Representative in the Western U.S. for CBS ArcSafe remote racking systems and remote switch operators.

CBS ArcSafe™ Remote Circuit Breaker Racking System

By permitting the automatic racking of the circuit breaker or switch from a remote location, the CBS ArcSafe remote racking system replaces the manual racking operation and removes the operating personnel from manual contact with the circuit breaker.

Service personnel can safely rack in and out low and medium voltage draw-out circuit breakers while standing outside the arc flash protection boundary; and therefore reducing the need for a full-body arc flash hazard suit.

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CBS ArcSafe remote switch operators-actuators are used to remotely operate all types and styles of circuit breaker switches, motor controls and other electrical equipment. Click to view the remote switch operator-actuators bulletin.