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Manufacturing Services

The Manufacturing Division has grown out of the need to support the Apparatus Division with manufacturing & machine shop services.  In house manufacturing of obsolete replacement components for all types of electrical power circuit breakers and switchgear.  This division has grown into not only supporting the Apparatus Division but has developed a complete line of (LTC) Load Tap Changer and (OCB)Oil Circuit Breaker replacement kits and parts and insulating components.  With these capabilities in house it is a natural for emergency repairs when disaster strikes.

We can manufacture and/or remanufacture a wide variety of products to meet your needs.

Our Manufacturing Services include the following and more:

  • Utility Services

  • Load Tap Changer Kits (LTC) & Remanufacturing

    • Westinghouse – UTT/UTTA/UTTB, UTS, UTS-A, URS
    • McGraw Edison – 550BLS, 550, 550B, 550C
    • Ferranti Packard – 25RT32, 25/34/69RT32
    • GE – LRT200, LRT68, LRT72, LRT38/48
    • FPE – TC523, TC525, TC534, TC546
    • Siemens – TLH-20/21, TLS, TLF, TLG

    Medium Voltage

    • Oil and Air Circuit Breakers
    • Oil and Air Switches
    • Motor Starters
  • Custom Bus and Flex Connectors

  • Fiberboard and Insulating Products – Tap Boards – Insulation Links and more!

  • We are an industry leader in remanufacturing, rebuilding, and reconditioning

    • Remanufacturing circuit breakers
    • Acceptance and maintenance testing
    • Primary and secondary-injection testing
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Reconditioning
    • Contact replacement and resurfacing
    • Retrofit of low-voltage circuit breakers
    • Medium-voltage vacuum retrofit
    • Insulator and bushing replacement repair
    • Custom breaker conversion for special applications
    • Remanufacturing circuit breakers
    • Equipment and parts replacement
    • Loaner breaker/exchange program
    • Emergency after-hours service
    • 24-hour emergency pick-up
    • Coil rewinding

WES Locations

Western Electrical Services, Inc. has five (5) locations serving the entire Western United States and Canada, as well as Alaska and Hawaii. Our corporate headquarters is located in Phoenix, AZ; our additional locations include Sumner, WA; Salt Lake City, UT; Vancouver, WA; Chino, CA and Reno, NV

Phoenix, AZ

Sumner, WA

Salt Lake City, UT

Vancouver, WA

Chino, CA

Reno, NV